Online Bill Pay FAQs


Question Answer

What date should I enter in the “Payment Date” field when paying a bill?

Payments can now be scheduled for the “due date” of the payment and your funds will not leave your account until that day. Payment Date is the date the payee is scheduled to receive the payment.

How many days in advance must I schedule a bill payment prior to the due date?

For most payees, payments must be scheduled 4 business days in advance, as of 1:00PM EST.

Can I schedule a BillPay today to go out today?

Generally, the system requires payments be scheduled at least 4 days before the payment (due) date.  However, some payments can be scheduled to be paid the next business day.  The dynamic payment calendar on the Pay Bills module will advise you of the earliest available payment date for the payee.

What is the time frame I can make edits to a scheduled Bill Payment?

You can edit the payment anytime prior to the 4 business days (1:00 PM EST) cut off time.

Does the new system send “Variable Recurring Bill Payment” reminders?

Yes, you can set up bill payment reminders in the Bill Reminders module.  These reminders are sent to your email address, rather than as in session alerts.

Can I pay more than one payment/payee/day?


Does the service offer a Late Fee Guarantee?

Yes, we will pay up to $50 of the late fee, granted you scheduled the payment correctly, within specified timeframes with correct payee information.

Does the system offer E-Bills/Electronic Bill Presentment with email notification?

Yes, with those payees that offer the service.

Can I type in a “memo” note on a bill payment?

The “memo” field will only be available for payments issued by check and will be presented to you on the bill payment confirmation page when scheduling the payment.   You may also insert a memo and their account number by separating the memo and account number with a “/”.  For example:  Acct#1234/boat payment by editing Payee information in the “Manage My Bills” section.

Is the BillPay system a “Pay Anyone” service?

Yes; however, payments to tax entities are restricted. International payments are also restricted.

If I did not print their BillPay history, prior to the conversion, can my history be recovered?

Yes, past payment history can be located within the Internet Banking account history, located under the “Accounts” tab and then under the “History” tab.

Can I have a (NSF) charge for an online Bill Payment?

Since your account is not debited in advance of the payment being issued to the payee, it is possible for the debit initiated for payment settlement to incur an NSF fee if the account doesn’t have sufficient funds and/or overdraft available to cover the payment amount.  The NSF fee is defined by National Bank of Coxsackie (NBC) as with any other NSF item.

Who is responsible for payment debiting on my account?

CheckFree generates either an ACH debit or laser draft directly to you designated bill pay account.  NBC can decision the item, Pay or Return the item.

What is the first screen presented to me when I click on the “Payments” tab?

You will always be greeted with the Payment “hub” page.  This screen will present with a multiple payments module, as well as display the pending payments, most recent payments paid, as well as any bill reminders you have established. It will also notify you of any new BillPay Messages.

In the old system, I could schedule a bill payment for today, why do I now have to wait 4 business days before I can pay a bill?

In the new enhanced bill payment system, payments are actually guaranteed to be received/delivered by/to the payee in a shorter amount of time than our previous system.  It is important to understand that when a payment was scheduled in the old bill payment system, your account was debited on the scheduled payment date but the payment did not begin processing until the next business day.  Normally the payee did not receive the payment until 5-7 days after the bill had been scheduled and your account had been debited.  In the new enhanced bill payment system, the scheduled date represents the date that we guarantee the payee will receive the payment and your account is scheduled to be debited on the due date of the payment.  Therefore by using the new enhanced bill payment system, you retains the use of your money four additional business days (1:00PM EST) and the payment arrives at least 1 day earlier than in our previous bill payment system. This represents a win/win situation for you.

Where can I find a list of my pending payments?

Pending payments are displayed on the Payment Center “hub” page.  They are also displayed on the Bill History screen. You can view Scheduled, Processing and Processed payments under this screen.  Additionally, you may select the future date range that they would like to see by using the “Payment History” search located at the bottom of the “Payment History” screen.

What additional features are now available with the new enhanced bill payment product?

Online E-bills from many major billers that notify you via email when the bill arrives, as opposed to receiving them in the mail.  The E-bill can be viewed online and printed as needed.  The E-bill can be automatically scheduled to pay on the due date, by utilizing the Auto-Pay feature. 

Conversion Details:
Will my Payees convert to the new BillPay system?

Yes, all existing payees will carry over to the new BillPay system. 
Note:  One-time payment payees will not convert to the new system.

Will scheduled payments convert to the new BillPay system?

Yes, all future scheduled payments will carry over to the new system.  Effective February 6th, 2013 all payments can now be scheduled to pay on the due date and the funds will remain in your account until that day.  All bill payments must be scheduled at least 4 days in advance of the due date.  Please adjust your scheduled payments, due after February 6th, 2013 to the due date of the payment.  Payments scheduled on February 6th, 2013 - February 10th, 2013 will begin processing on February 6th, 2013 so you will not have the ability to delete or modify these payment instructions after this date.  Note:  After the upgrade, bill payments will process as if you wrote a check from your checkbook.  If you do not have sufficient funds, the payment might create an overdraft situation.  The NSF fee is defined by NBC.

Will my BillPay history convert to the new system?

Yes payment history will convert to the new model.

Will “fixed recurring payments” that are rescheduling to the next business day, due to the funds not being available, convert to the new system?

Any fixed-recurring payments with scheduled dates in the past as of February 6th, 2013 will be updated to the next payment due date.  Example; if you have a fixed recurring monthly payment dated January 6th, 2013 that has not yet paid, the next payment date will be updated to February 6th, 2013.

Will one time insufficient (NSF) Bill Payments convert over to the new system?

No, NSF payments will not carry over to the new system.  However, the payee for the payment will still be converted.

Where do I locate the “fixed recurring payments” in the new system?

Any fixed-recurring payments scheduled in the old system will be converted and can be viewed in the Manage My Bills section, under “Automatic Payments”.