For your convenience we strive to offer you the best service possible. Please see below for a list of all the extra services the National Bank of Coxsackie can help you with along with a list of our fees.

Online Banking Services

  • View latest account activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay recurring, occasional and one-time bills
  • Receive your e-Bills directly to online banking (from participating companies)
  • View and print checks
  • Send and receive secure electronic messages concerning your accounts
  • Download account information directly into Quicken and Microsoft Money
  • Access convenient user services
  • Access and manage accounts from your mobile device

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Money Services

For those times when you can’t use cash, personal checks, or credit cards, the National Bank of Coxsackie offers convenient money services for all your needs.

Other Services Include:

  • Bank Money Orders
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Night Depository
  • Bank by Mail
  • Coin counting and wrapping services
  • Drive-in Banking (located in Cairo, Greenville, Ravena, and West Coxsackie branches)
  • Check Ordering
  • Photocopies ($1.00 fee/each copy)
  • Visa/Mastercard/Cash Card advances
  • Notary Public on site at each branch
  • Direct Deposit Origination
  • Member of NYACH Electronic Network

Legal Process Fees:

  • Tax Levy 
  • Subpoena
  • Garnishment
  • Summons
  • Execution Notice
  • Other Legal   
$75.00 each account
$75.00 each account
$75.00 each account
$75.00 each account
$75.00 each account
$75.00 each account

Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Check Protest Non-Customer
  • Check Protest Customer
  • Collection Item Outgoing 
  • Bookkeeping Research
  • Coupons returned for Non-Payment
  • Safe Deposit Forced Break Open
  • Canadian or Check drawn on bank
  • Safe Deposit Lost Key
  • Night Deposit Lost Key
  • Lost Passbook Replacement
  • Cashier Check
  • Money Order 
  • Safe Deposit Rent
  • IRA Transfer of funds to other Financial Institution
  • Abandoned Property Escheatment fee to New York State
  • Returned Mail
  • Counter Checks
$30.00 per check
$25.00 per check
$10.00 per item + postage
$45.00 per hour + photocopy fee (min 1 hour)
$5.00 per envelope
$5.00 + locksmith charge + lock replacement
$5.00 per item outside US (deposited)
$5.00 per bag or depository
$5.00 per bag or depository
$5.00 per passbook
$5.00 per check-one per month free on savings w/d
$3.00 per money order purchased
based on box size
$5.00 for each item returned for invalid address
$1.00 each counter check

Optional Bill Payment Fees:

  • Pop Money Transfer
  • Same Day Payments
  • Overnight Payments
$0.50 per transaction
$9.00 per transaction
$14.95 per transaction


  • Stock Sale or Purchase
  • US Treasury or Agency Sale or Purchase 
  • Signature Guarantee (our customer only)
$20.00 per transaction + broker fee and postage
$45.00 per transaction + postage

Wire Transfer

  • Domestic Outgoing Wire  
  • International Outgoing Wire 
  • Returned Wire
$20.00 per wire
$37.50 per wire
$50.00 per wire

Account Fees

  • Stop Payment    
  • Hold Balance 
  • Insufficient Funds       
  • Unavailable Funds
  • Returned Deposited Item 
  • Closing Account Fee 
  • Statement Snapshot     
  • Balance Telephone Inquiry
  • Dormant Account Fee
$20.00 per item
$10.00 per account
$30.00 per check
$30.00 per check
$20.00 per check
$20.00 (if closed within 6 months of opening)
$1.00 per page
$1.00 per call if frequency > once per week
$5.00 per month (if no activity for 12 months)

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