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Regardless of what it is you’re saving for, NBC’s accounts are designed without monthly fees1 to make sure your money stays where you put it – in your savings account!

See below to find out which one of NBC’s savings accounts will best suit your needs!

Statement Savings

This account is our basic, statement savings1,2 account. It is best used for those who are trying to save money but want to still have access to it just in case. It is only $25 to open the account! Although it is called a statement savings account, E-statements are available and free for this account.

Other features include:

  • An interest rate of 0.05% APR, and 0.05% APY3
  • A monthly or quarterly statement option combined with your checking account
  • FREE Online and Mobile Banking4
  • Access to account with a VISA ATM card

Passbook Savings

A Passbook Savings1,5 account is a more traditional account at NBC. When making a deposit or withdrawal customers must make sure they always present their passbook at the teller line to complete the transaction. This account is also only $25 to open! 

Other features include:

  • An interest rate of 0.05% APR, and 0.05% APY3
  • Statement provided at the end of every year

Retirement Accounts

Start saving for your future… today! NBC offers two types of Retirement Accounts6 based on your needs: the Traditional IRA, and the ROTH IRA. No matter which one you choose, you can easily set up automatic deposit to go into the IRA account directly from your paycheck, or from an account to help keep you on track!

Traditional IRA account

  • Income tax deductions for contributions
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred
  • Mandatory distributions starting at age 72
  • Distributions taxed as ordinary income
  • Automatic distributions available

Roth IRA account

  • No tax deduction for contributions
  • Internets earned is tax-deferred
  • No mandatory distributions during holder’s lifetime
  • Withdrawals are tax-free

Other features include:

  • An interest rate of 0.50% APR, and 0.50% APY


We pride ourselves on still offering a straight forward, simple checking account!

Cash Management

Allow yourself time to concentrate on what really matters… your Business!

Merchant Services

Take your credit card processing to the next level with NBC’s merchant services!


Every business is different – let NBC give yours the attention it deserves!

1If accounts are dormant (unused for 1 year), fees may reduce earnings. If monthly average balance falls below $250.00 a $4.00 monthly fee will be assessed. 2Due to Reg D limitations, during any month, you may not make more than 6 withdrawals or transfers from a savings account to another bank account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephone transfer, online banking transfer, or similar transaction. Failure to comply will result in a $10.00 fee per item over the 6 item limit. 3APR= Annual percentage rate. APY= Annual percentage yield. Interest rate may change without notice. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. 4Standard messaging, internet and data rates may apply. 5No direct deposit or automatic withdrawals allowed with this account. 6NBC recommends you consult your tax advisor on your particular situation. Rates effective - 03-28-2023